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How To Become A Content Marketing Writer In 2023

I had a protégé who was outstanding in waxing lyrics with his grammar. He writes like a philosopher who has seen the world and has appropriate solutions to societal problems. Soon enough, he ventured into poetry – I believe diction and playing with words work well with his philosophical thoughts. Later on, he wanted to become a freelance content marketing writer. After taking some classes, ...

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16 Exceptional Ways To Use AI Copywriting Software As A Freelancer

"Hi, Na'im. I have heard about ChatGPT, Jarvis, and other AI copywriting software. I'm thinking of using them to write my articles and make my work faster. However, my client updated the requirements for the next batch of content and asked me not to use AI writing tools. Can you help?" She asked ChatGPT broke the internet some days ago because of its numerous use ...

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7 high-income freelancing skills from the comfort of your sofa

Introduction It is a fast-changing world with technological advancement taking a toll on virtually everything we do. However, with the emergence of the pandemic, a lot has necessitated the need for some alterations in the workspace as you no longer need to be physically present for jobs. Nevertheless, here are some of the niches to explore. Exploring these niches in freelancing allows you to be ...

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