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Our mission is to make you earn in the dollar from your room

When I used to be broke, I relied on my family to buy a data subscription to come online. After college, I did my one-year mandatory service (NYSC) at an ultrasound centre where I earn about $50 (#19,800) monthly – such a paltry income!

Things got worse after the service, and I was on the street looking for what to do. All my applications were turned down, and I enrolled for M.Sc., thinking that will bring a fortune. Alas, I was deceiving myself!

Before things would worsen than it was, I decided to publish my poetry collection – it took me more than three months to understand the process and get it done. But I was happy with the outcome because I will get a book to my name and answer the title ‘author.’

Unfortunately, I published it, but sales would not come. Not even my family bought my book, and I keep answering questions like, do they hate me? Am I not good enough? Is my book that sucks? Are my village witches holding my destiny? The questions keep popping in my head.

No, no one withholds my destiny, but I didn’t the homework well. I paid an exorbitant fee to learn E-book marketing, and fortune started smiling at me. ‘I can make money from writing!’ I exclaimed.

Since then, I have seen a meteoric rise in my finance, and I constantly make more than what I make the previous month. I am now a six-figure freelancer, digital marketer, and Amazon publisher.

Eh, you read till this stage? I promise to make you earn from your room if you follow this blog with the fantastic tips you will learn from me. I will help you to set a profitable writing career, guide you to set a professional media profile and make you successful in earning a fee from what you do for free.

Do you want to earn online?

Numbers of website owners, corporations and organizations have enjoyed my freelance writing services in different niches – SEO, Fin-tech, Health, Technical, Academic, Beauty, Product Review, etc.

I have also helped hundreds write, format, create, publish and market their books on Amazon, Smashword, Okadabooks, and other publishing sites.

Yours is next; let us bring your thought to life and make you learn a fee from what you do for free.