Na'im Yusuf Olatunde

Na'im Yusuf Olatunde

Na'im Olatunde Yusuf is a WebCopy SEO Writer and freelance writing coach. He has ample years of experience writing blog posts, SEO content, and product review.

If he's not freelancing, he's scribbling beautiful poetries.

How To Scale Up Your Web Design efforts (The Smart Ways to Do It)

Introduction As a web designer, it is pertinent to familiarize yourself with the possible alternatives to scale your craft to the next level if you are not already doing them. What this does is assist in building structures around your web design business while also meeting your clients’ demands and a host of other important considerations that could be achieved by creating a work pattern...

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7 high-income freelancing skills from the comfort of your sofa

Introduction It is a fast-changing world with technological advancement taking a toll on virtually everything we do. However, with the emergence of the pandemic, a lot has necessitated the need for some alterations in the workspace as you no longer need to be physically present for jobs. Nevertheless, here are some of the niches to explore. Exploring these niches in freelancing allows you to be...

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Happy African American mother using laptop and working on paperwork while her daughter is embracing her at home. freelancing image Lately, I have received questions like this. Many aren't aware of what Freelancing is. So, I will provide the basics for you. Just read on. Since the covid19 lockdown, many people now work from their homes, companies laid off many workers, while some enjoy sipping...

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Top 10 Strategies For Introductions To Make Your Essay and Content Standout

Stop writing! Drive a taxi if you cannot create a great introduction. That sounds too harsh, but you cannot quantify the truth. A great article introduction is like the aroma and the appealing look of a scrumptious meal that invites you to take a taste. Admittedly, the article title welcomes you, but it doesn't keep you. A great introduction does. Thus, you should know strategies...

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10 Ways Your Content Can Escape Plagiarism Software

rewriting an article to escape plagiarism software Congratulations! You got the gig and are ready to impress with unique content. Your success as a freelancer hovers around informative and engaging content that escape plagiarism software. You surfed through the web and saw many related articles on the topic you want to write about. Now, you wonder if you can write a better article than the...

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